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Dog Fouling

Dog mess is an increasing problem not only in Llantwit Fardre, but throughout the county borough. On my daily walk today I counted 23 mounds of dog mess in an around Llantwit Fardre. Some had been there a day or two and they made a disgusting, unacceptable mess. I spent the whole walk trying to stop the five children I had with me stepping in it. This is despite lots and lots of dog mess bins.

Some research when I returned home revealed that the Police don’t have responsibilities for prosecuting offenders, this lays with the council. RCT have a number ‘Animal Wardens’ in our borough, who somewhat surprisingly only work office hours! So you can allow your dog to defecate after 5pm Monday to Friday and every weekend with impunity. In addition, if you find a stray dog outside office hours, it’s YOUR responsibility to take it to the kennels in Llanharan. If you can’t get there, the council have generously undertaken to collect them from you when they are next in work. Too kind...

The laws around dog mess has never been stronger, but for reasons best known to RCT - they are not being enforced. A ‘Freedom of Information’ request has gone into the RCT to see how many irresponsible dog owners have been prosecuted in the last twelve months. I may have this completely wrong, and our Animal Wardens are just very well disguised... We shall see!

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