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Royal Glamorgan Hospital Parking

A collective ‘woo hoo’ echoed around Wales when Hospital parking charges were abolished on 1st April 2008. A Welsh Assembly Government decision meant that patients, relatives and staff were no longer subject to the charges that earned the Welsh Local Health boards in the region of £162 millions a year. How has that decision stood the test of time? Take our very own Royal Glamorgan Hospital; it has become apparent that since the day the funding stopped, little or no maintenance has been done in the car parks. Wooden barriers are rotten, road markings have become worn away and the disabled / blue badge bays are a free for all.

As a result of the markings not being clear, it’s difficult to see the allocated bays, leading to people parking in a haphazard way, thereby reducing the capacity by 15% at times of high demand.

The disabled visitors are the group hardest hit. During a recent inspection, more than 60% of the disabled bays in the car park near outpatients were occupied by vehicles not displaying the required blue badges. More concerning is the fact that these issues are particularly acute at shift change times, an indication that at least some of the offenders are staff!

The staff are the lifeblood of the hospital and a credit to the NHS. However it is difficult to comprehend that people who are normally so selfless, caring and professional acting in such a selfish and thoughtless way.

I have emailed Cwm Taff Local Health Borad chairman for a response, and will update you with his reply.

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