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Llantwit Fardre Market?

At times the wider community can seem more disconnected than ever, with longer commutes to work, working longer hours, the lure of social media together with the ongoing pressures of everyday life people can struggle to make time for their family let alone their community.

I’m pleased to say (in my opinion anyway) that Llantwit Fardre is bucking this trend with plenty of pubs, clubs and activities for all residents irrespective of age. is looking to develop this community spirt even further and is investigating the possibility of launching a local community market in the Crown Hill Community Centre with Cllr Joel James.

A flourishing weekly community market can only be of benefit to the neighbourhood, it is a platform for both local customers and producers to interact in way that seems to have been lost to the confines of history, and it will also provide opportunities for the local entrepreneurs to incubate their business. The net effect will result in a boost in both the local community spirt and economy to boot. I’ve recently polled circa 300 local residents with over 93% indicating they would use the service if launched, make sure you have your voice heard and head over to the Llantwit Fardre Facebook page and cast your vote. I will look to update this blog post with progress in the future.

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