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Confusion in Llantwit Fardre Over RCT Council's Development Decision

In Llantwit Fardre, residents are grappling with confusion and concern as the local council, Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT), reveals a revised local development plan that has left many questioning the reasoning behind the decision-making process. As someone who resides in Llantwit Fardre, I find myself among the increasing number of residents seeking answers to why the council has made a perplexing shift in its preferred development sites.

The backdrop to this is the allocation of a substantial £8 million from Cardiff Capital regeneration funding intended for the revitalisation of the Cwm colliery site. This strategic location was initially praised as a future development hotspot, but the council has now surprisingly deemed it unviable, redirecting attention to greenfield sites at Ystrad Barwig Farm, Llantwit Fardre, and Efail Isaf.

For us, Llantwit Fardre residents, the decision is both surprising and disconcerting. Our community finds itself at the center of this development puzzle, and we are left wondering why our own area has been chosen for reconsideration after facing previous rejections due to sustainability concerns, ecological value, and its location on a C2 floodplain.

The £8 million earmarked for the Cwm colliery site was seen as a unique opportunity to rejuvenate the area. The sudden shift in focus has prompted a series of questions among us. Why abandon a project that had secured substantial funding and instead turn to areas that have already been labeled unsuitable for development by both the RCT Council and the Welsh Government?

As residents, we are invested in the sustainability and resilience of our community. The council's decision to revisit sites previously rejected for environmental reasons raises concerns about their commitment to these critical values. We grapple with a sense of disbelief that our voices, previously heard when these sites were dismissed, are seemingly being overlooked in the current decision-making process.

The upcoming consultation becomes not only an opportunity for us to voice our concerns but a crucial platform to seek transparency from the RCT Council. We are keen to understand the logic behind this decision and to ensure that our community's future is not compromised by choices that defy previous environmental considerations.

In this baffaling situation, we, as Llantwit Fardre residents, seek answers. Why has our community been thrust back into the spotlight, and why are the very sites once deemed unsuitable for development now back on the table? The council's response to these questions will not only determine the course of future development but will also impact the trust we place in our local government's decision-making processes.

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