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Crown Hill Road: A Safer Journey Ahead!

The residents of Crown Hill have long been concerned about the safety of the road, especially for children who frequently have to cross it for school, nursery, and community hall activities. The good news is that the local council has taken action to make the road safer for everyone.

In addition to the recent resurfacing work, the council has also installed a pedestrian crossing on Crown Hill Road. This new pedestrian crossing has been strategically placed to provide safe passage for pedestrians, especially children, as they make their way to and from the school bus, nursery, and community hall. The pedestrian crossing has been installed with state-of-the-art safety features, including high-visibility markings and flashing beacons, making it easy for pedestrians to spot and use.

To further enhance road safety, the council has also introduced a new speed limit of 20mph on Crown Hill Road. This new speed limit is aimed at reducing the speed of traffic, making the road safer for pedestrians and other road users. The 20mph speed limit will be strictly enforced, and those who breach it will face penalties and fines.

The recent resurfacing work and the installation of a pedestrian crossing and the new 20mph speed limit on Crown Hill Road is a welcome development for the local community. These changes will undoubtedly make the road safer for everyone and provide peace of mind for parents and residents alike.


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